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According to what we’ve just learned in the preceding chapter, if we fail to put the word into practice, then we are deceiving ourselves. If we do not practice what we hear, then there is no way we can know the truth about things. If we do not know the truth, then what we know is a lie.

Everything about your life is based on a belief. You do not act without there being a certain belief behind that act, whether that action is speaking, eating, driving, playing, building, or whatever. BELIEF PRECEDES ACTION.

Said another way, belief drives action.

Could that be why Jesus said we will know them by their fruit?

Self-deception comes easily to us as human beings. It is something we seem to prefer.
(I know that sounds rather harsh, but bear with me a moment to see if I may have something here for your consideration.)

We each have a legitimate need for security.
  • We want to be secure in every aspect of our being:
    • our financial security
    • physical security
    • emotional security
    • spiritual security
    • intellectual security
  • Intellectual security demands that I believe the truth.
  • Therefore, the things you believe are the things you are persuaded to believe are true.
  • You will not knowingly believe a lie.
  • When someone else believes something that is different from your belief, then they are automatically classified as wrong.
  • Because, after all, there can ONLY be truth or lie (and I only believe the truth).
  • Most every person will admit that they do not know all the truth.
  • Most will also admit that they have believed things in the past they no longer believe.
  • Precious few will admit that what they believe now might be false.

Denial is the first step down the road of deception.

That, as I understand it, is the process for moving onto the road to deception.

For the Bible-believing Christian, this becomes of utmost importance:
“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Matthew 24:24 KJV)

Some will immediately jump on that and declare, “But, it’s not possible! The implication is plain that it cannot happen.”

Look closely.

In the King James Version, the words “it were” are in italics. That means there is no Greek equivalent for those words in the original text. The translators “interpreted” that passage.

Every other translation I have at my disposal (more than 20) leave those two words out, except for the American King James, the King James 2000, and the Douay-Rheims. Even the New King James does not include those words.

The plain meaning, then, is that there will be an attempt made to deceive even the very elect of God (that is something for another time), because at least SOME of them will fall for the deception.

Who are those who will NOT fall for the deception?

Only those who manage to wake up and realize the true power and subtlety of deception, and then shake it off as a dog shakes the water off its back—vigorously.

Applying a very simple logic to the scriptures, we should be able to understand that the four verses in the NT that say, “Be not deceived…” were written to believers as a warning.

Why should we be warned about deception if it were not possible?

And since it IS possible, then saying it is not only shows that it has begun. 

Once we allow ourselves access to this path of deception, we will find all sorts of opportunities to travel ever deeper into the abyss of darkness.

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