Tuesday, April 14, 2015


April 15th is TAX Day--one of the most dreaded days on the American calendar. The Post Office will be flooded with more mail on this day than on any other day, including the Christmas holidays. 

Many taxpayers will wait until today to actually begin trying to figure out the complicated filing system. For most of these folks, though, the filing is fairly straightforward, as they do not itemize and do not run a business from their home.

Why the wait?

It seems to be a part of our human nature to put off doing distasteful things, and most people view filing and paying taxes as quite distasteful.

Does this attitude toward paying taxes serve us well? Does it help to have a negative attitude in this?

About as much as it helps to have a negative attitude about anything--ie, somewhere between not at all and zero.

Jesus said that we should have a proper perspective on the paying of taxes (Matt. 22:21). Paul implied as much in Rom. 13:7.
What should we do?

We can change our perspective by doing some things differently.

  1. Not everyone makes enough money to be required to pay taxes. Be thankful that you are not one of them. The necessity of paying taxes means that you earn enough income to be able to live. (How you live on that income is the subject of what I teach.)
  2. Begin the filing process the second weekend in February. All your W-2s are in by then and all other required statements that may affect your income should have arrived in the mail.
  3. Celebrate getting your taxes done early. Find something significant you can do such as going to a restaurant you seldom visit, a Spring outing, or whatever would mark this as a special event in your life.

Making number 2 your number-one priority will do much to lighten your negativity toward paying taxes and doing the necessary paperwork.

Putting off the inevitable works against us. It is lodged in our sub-conscious mind with a nagging aspect that affects everything we do until it is accomplished. This, of course, goes for anything in which we procrastinate.

The mind KNOWS that there is something that should be done, and it will not let you totally relax until it is accomplished. Have you ever paid attention to the feeling that comes when the 1040 is finally in the mail? It is a burden that has been lifted from the mind which brings that euphoria of a dopamine rush.

Why not take out your planning calendar right now and find next February. Enter in CAPITAL LETTERS for the second weekend of the month: PAY TAXES.

If you use an electronic calendar, schedule a reminder for the first weekend that TAXES ARE DUE. Include the deadline aspect, so that it comes up on your TO-DO List everyday until it is checked off.

Do it NOW, and you will have earned yourself a much more rewarding tax time for next year.


You will feel better this time next year.

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