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poll by LifeWay Research of over 2,000 Americans who read the Bible at least once a month found that only about a third of them read it almost every single day, although the average reader owns 3.6 copies of the Bible.

Isn’t that an amazing stat?

Think of it. This poll was directed ONLY at those who “read the Bible at least once a month.” They purposefully left out “People who read the Bible only in a corporate setting, like a worship service,…” (see article here)

I believe the numbers would be even less for regular Bible reading were they to do a completely random survey. However, be that as it may, the numbers are still staggering:
“only about a third of them read it almost every single day,…”

Are you a part of the two-thirds who do NOT read the Bible almost every day? (click to tweet)

In the last section, I spoke about the importance of reading and the development of character traits. Few people see the connection between the two, but they go hand-in-hand.

In this section, I am promoting the idea that you should

I believe this to be the single most effective method for turning our society around from its headlong rush toward self-destruction.

I am not looking for, nor intending to start, a grass-roots movement of any kind for any purpose. However, there are many who complain loudly on a regular basis about the downward spiral so prevalent within society, and I am simply offering a solution to that trend.

But, it MUST—absolutely MUST—begin with YOU.

If you are one who has complained in any way about the lack of character and moral turpitude in our society, then I encourage you to become part of the solution.

The following statement, posted as a comment on my wall on Facebook, drives my thinking on this matter:
“Actually, I think most of us don't really think about the fact that maybe our children and/or grandchildren seldom actually read the Bible itself. We teach them verses, but you are so right. We need to regularly read it with them, probably, to get them interested and used to doing so.” C. McCann

Notice that I did not say Teach Them The Bible. Many have, for sure, taught their children ABOUT the Bible, reading them stories, getting them to memorize verses, exhorting them to read the Bible, taking them to church, etc. I am emphasizing the simple act of reading.

Have you modeled that for them?
How many times have your children or grandchildren come into the room and actually saw you simply reading from the Bible? (click to tweet)
Do you take time out of your day to read to your children? What do you read to them? Is the Bible ever included as a part of your reading aloud?

Yes, there is a reason why I am pushing so hard to Simply READ the Bible, and it comes from my own experience.

When I got out of the Navy, I was still just a wandering, lost soul, not knowing who I was nor where I was going. I had no purpose in life, no direction. There was a deep-seated hunger for something spiritual that had been with me long before I ever graduated from high school.

I have shared part of this story earlier.

I began reading from a New Testament edition entitled Good News for Modern Man. I would read for hours late at night.

Later, after the house ministry began, I continued reading, but not doing much study of the Bible.

I came across some passages that I have since learned to be very powerful, and which relate to the thesis of this article.

The first one is probably the most familiar—Heb. 4:12.

The Word of God is alive and powerful. The rest of the verse goes on to say that it can get down deep into your being, into who you are.

I have found that to be true.

It is the Word itself, not someone telling me about the Word, or someone trying to teach me.

It is the simple, unadulterated, plain words on the page that the Lord by His Spirit uses to bring truth into my life which brings about change in my being.

The reading of those words can do that. It has done it and continues to do so for me. It can do so for you.

Read, and your life will change.

Another verse is found in Psalm 1:2-3.

Meditation on the Word has brought me a consistency of life that I never knew while I was that “wandering, lost soul.”

I thoroughly and unequivocally believe that the best recourse for changing the sad state of affairs in our society is to change the individual. (click to tweet)

I thoroughly and unequivocally believe that the best recourse for changing the sad state of the individual is for the individual to have an encounter with God.

I thoroughly and unequivocally believe that the best recourse for changing those who have had an encounter with God is for them to begin reading the Bible.
“You Christians look after a document containing enough dynamite to blow all civilization to pieces, turn the world upside down and bring peace to a battle-torn planet. But you treat it as though it is nothing more than a piece of literature.”― Mahatma Gandhi
Read more:
What about you?

Will you make a commitment to simply READ from the Bible on a daily basis?

If so, do you have a plan? (Remember, I BEG you—do NOT try to begin reading from Genesis all the way through to the Revelation. It won’t work. You will be defeated on this faster than you were from your New Year’s Resolutions.)

Can you commit to just 10 -15 minutes a day?

Will you set it up so that it is at the same time every day, rather than just waiting until a ‘convenient’ moment arises? If not, you will lose on that one, too. You will encounter enough challenges from a specific commitment to make it a difficult task.

Then, ask your children or grandchildren to join you for those few minutes. In that way you will be modelling the practice for them, and teaching them the importance of reading the scriptures.

If you do not have a plan for reading the Bible, then get my FREE Report on How to Read the Bible. In this report, you will learn
  •  Why NOT to read the Bible straight through
  • A 15-point check list to guide you through your Bible reading
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  • and much more…

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