Friday, June 12, 2015

From Slaves to Sons

Article by Jonathan Hill

When I was sixteen-years-old, driving took on a whole new meaning. For the first time driving was something I could experience by myself in real life.

I was no longer relegated to fantasy video games in the front of the grocery store, or driver’s ed sessions with my father in a vacant parking lot.

I took a test, passed it, and was street-legal for the first time ever!

Before I was sixteen there were regulations in place to keep people like me from driving, but at the age of sixteen, I passed from passenger to driver and found a whole new world behind the wheel of an outdated Chevy Citation II.
In today’s passage (Galatians 4:1-7), the Apostle Paul addresses how we receive our freedom in Christ.

We don’t hit a major birthday milestone and pass a test, like I did to get my driver’s license, but we do hit a milestone none the less…
Our adoption as sons (Gal. 4:4).

Paul says that when the “Fullness of Time had come,” that is to say when everything in the world was ready for Jesus to come on the scene… he appeared, took on sin, paid the price, and rose from the dead so that we might be adopted into the family of God… not as second rate children, but as full heirs (Gal. 4:7)!

There was a world that was held beyond our reach before Christ. We didn’t know freedom in Him because we didn’t know Christ.

When he was revealed to us and we responded in faith we were ushered into the family of God. We get to call God, Father! Indeed, we get to call him Daddy--which is about what Abba means, (see Gal. 4:6). He has placed the Holy Spirit in our lives and we get to call on him as a son calls on his Father.

This is much different than how a servant calls on a master.

Paul says that before Christ was revealed we were slaves to the law. We could do nothing right. The law pointed to our imperfections showing us the type of guilt free life we would never have.

The moment we put our faith in Christ, everything changed. We were forgiven, washed clean, made new, and brought in to the family, yes, the family of God!

We were granted adoption as sons and, as sons, given the rights and privileges of heirs!

The moment of faith is where this transaction took place (back up to Gal. 3:26 to see it).

Christ’s work on the cross and His work in us to produce faith transfers us from slaves to sons. It’s more than coming of age, it’s coming from death to life.

The real question is--
have you responded today by placing faith in Christ or are you still alone in your sin? 


This article submitted by guest blogger Jonathan Hill

Jonathan lives in Pensacola, FL where he writes and speaks about leadership in family and ministry. He is a husband, father, and committed follower of Christ. He has over eighteen years’ experience as a student pastor. He has been a guest speaker in a variety of settings including student camps, disciple now events, student and college retreats, family conferences, and revivals. You can find more of Jonathan’s devotional, theological and biographical writings by checking out his blog,
The Hill House.

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  1. Very humbling, we call God, Abba and He hears us. Thank you for this post. It is encouraging and a great reminder.


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