Monday, August 10, 2015


Is the whole Bible true, or just parts of it?

If only parts of it are true, which parts are they?

If parts of the Bible are not true, then no part of the Bible is true.

These are the types of questions that some people need to debate. I am not one of them.

I have no need nor desire to enter into discussion about the veracity of the Bible with anyone, believer or not. I also am not opposed to anyone who does this. It is simply something in which I have no interest.

The question was settled long ago for me.

The Bible, in its entirety, is the true word of God to man, to me.

Of course, I have had my doubts during this spiritual journey of more than 50 years.

I've also had my period of rebellion against the things of God. There was a season of almost 14 years when I never picked the book up to read for any reason. That proved to be a time of great sifting for me, as that which was man-made was replaced with that which belonged to God. (But, that is another story entirely, and not the purpose of this article.)

Something has been going on in me recently that is difficult to understand, let alone put into words.

Suffice it to say that I have become quite passionate about the Word. I begin talking about it, and I can't seem to stop. My voice takes on a different timbre.

This seems especially evident when the discussion turns to the deception that is happening within the Body of Christ in this hour. Preachers who twist and pervert the Word to keep their flock in line is becoming just a little more than I can stand. (They should be grateful that I am not in their church, or who knows what would happen?)

I am not bothered with the SCOTUS ruling in favor of same-sex marriage. I reject the notion that it will destroy marriage.

I am not bothered that prayer and the Bible are not being allowed in school. Nor does it bother me that this has now drifted over into society at large.

While I find the concept and practice of abortion horrific, I am not bothered that it is practiced openly in this country.

I am not bothered that some denominations have decided that openly homosexual women or men can be pastors in their churches.

I am not bothered that some denominations have plainly stated that the Bible is a nice book, but not one to which we should give much attention.

None of these things, nor the myriad others that get folks riled up, have much of an impact on me or my walk with the Lord. I fail to lose any sleep over them; and I certainly have no acid buildup within my system as these things come to the fore in the news.

I have known for decades that I was merely a pilgrim passing through. Now the only thing that has changed is that I am now recognized as an alien in the land that I love.

I am an exile in my own country on this plane.

Okay. So be it. Things will probably get worse before they get any better. So what?

But, when the people of God begin to get caught up in all the things the devil is throwing their way to render them ineffective for the Kingdom of God, then I begin to get bothered.

The ONLY way this can happen is that those believers, those followers of Jesus, simply do not know the scriptures.

My heart aches for the lack of simple biblical literacy we see today. Simple things like
  • how many books are in the Bible
  • who wrote the Gospel of John
  • what is the last book of the Bible
  • what is the first book of the Bible
  • what is the love chapter
are not readily available to the mind of the average believer today.

Do you not find it amazing that people will try to trip you up with "God is love," but they don't know about the love chapter? I certainly do.

Then, when I discover these people attend church, I have to wonder, "What are they being taught?"

I've been in these churches. I've even joined more than a few before I recognized the error being taught.

Now, I cannot sit quietly by while my brothers and sisters are being systematically poisoned. So, I find a church where there are believers who love the Lord, where the Word is taught plainly, and the people are free.

However, as soon as the leaven is brought into the mix, and I am able to see it, I depart.

And that is the problem, is it not? Being able to see it?

I am not yet one who simply paints ALL the local churches with a single brush stroke and says, "Get out! Now!" (though that thought often crosses my mind.)

No. There is a multitude of faithful men and women diligently laboring to "present every man perfect in Christ Jesus" (Col. 1:28b). But,they are scattered over the face of the earth, and most of the people who respond to this article will validate this truth.

But, just as the Lord told Elijah that there was a remnant preserved, so today, there is only a remnant. They are difficult to find.

Think about it—7,000 people in a land of more than 3 million souls. You would be hard-pressed to find a kindred soul with those odds.

Same is true today.

Finding a church where the Word is taught without mixture; where the Lord is exalted; where the Holy Spirit is not quenched (in ANY fashion); and where the people are free is nigh impossible.

The third one in the above list is the most challenging. Most Charismatics feel that if someone speaks in tongues, or someone prophesies, or someone dances or sings in the spirit, then the Holy Spirit is not quenched.

Not necessarily. What about ritual, regimen, rigor, and the requirements of time? If you can set your watch by the elements of your church service from week to week, then you should question whether the Holy Spirit is allowed free rein in your church.

The subtle quenching of the spirit is one of the factors that has led us into this abysmal lack of biblical literacy within our congregations of today.

And, because of this illiteracy, we now have believers who question the full veracity of the Bible.

Many, even those within evangelical churches, do not accept the cover-to-cover, God-breathed inspiration of the Bible.

However, that is NOT our major problem in this hour.

Our MAJOR problem is the practical outworking of what we believe, for we have left off sound doctrine in exchange for pious platitudes, doctrines of demons, and the twisting of truth.

One of the deceptions that has me most alarmed is the over-emphasis of truth, which I will address in the next edition.


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  1. May we keep open to the Spirit as HE leads and guides us daily....may we have"eyes to see and ears to hear" HIS Living and Written Word...

    1. Absolutely! A most necessary approach to staying on track.

    2. also to Brenda's reminder, how language printed on a page or displayed on a screen (like this one) is made up of of symbols. Even the most "literate" will be understanding the symbols from a unique (subjective) perspective. One-hundred people may all draw a different meaning from such as John 3:16 (and they do! ughh!). Those who think somewhat similarly about the passage will tend to group themselves (a la, denominations), while the Holy Spirit of God (sent by the Father as our Teacher) is able to rightly discern the sacred writings.
      Long ago, in the democratic vote for which books would be included in the Bible, not everyone agreed. Some thought "no" for Hebrews or "yes" for Esther, etc.If all those deciding had been directed by the same One Spirit of God, consequently full agreement would have won the day.
      So then, does your copy of the Bible hold 66 books, or 73? Is either 66 or 73 OKay for you?


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