Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Randomness Happens

Thoughts, that's all.

I've  been trying to post on a regular basis for almost a year now. My intention was to post an article three days a week, and a worship video on Sundays.

So, far, I have been able to keep up the practice. It has been an interesting challenge with not a few lessons and observations along the way.
I discovered early on in the practice that I could set aside Fridays for writing. I would spend the entire day after breakfast glued to the chair, and would crank out two or three articles at a time.

I actually got far enough ahead that I was able to relax a little.


Just one day off sent my schedule and intentions scurrying for cover never to allow me the freedom again. I've been in catch-up mode ever since.

This article is being written 10/19 with a due date of 10/21. That's almost a cushion of sorts. However, the article that was posted today was written last night just before the football game that I didn't get to watch. (I was asleep by 9)

According to the pro-bloggers, there is NOT a niche that will not work for earning at least a part-time income. All you have to do, they say, is write good content.

I must not write good content.

I'm not basing that on the fact that my efforts have produced zero dollars. I'm basing it on the traffic I don't seem to generate.

I've only watched my traffic stats sporadically, but I have made some interesting discoveries.

A recent attempt to join with two other bloggers and do a series from Galatians did not add any extra views as imagined.


Now that I have begun a series from the Sermon the Mount, traffic stats are once again going down. I was encouraged at the beginning, because a few people declared they were looking forward to the series.

So far there have been very few "likes" on Facebook and even fewer comments.


When I originally began blogging, I was very haphazard and sporadic in my attempt.

I used Blogspot as my platform.
Then I shifted to WordPress.

I had a website in the past, and wanted one again, so I switched to Weebly. Weebly was good for awhile, but they just couldn't seem to give us the tools we needed to keep our blogs at a high level. Plus, they became cumbersome to use.

I no sooner dropped Weebly than they added a couple of the tools I had been asking for.

Oh, well. They are still cumbersome.

So, I came back to Blogspot, which is now Blogger—owned by Google.

I've kept my domains with WordPress and Weebly and I put the first paragraph of each article on each site with a "read more..." link to bring readers over to this site.

Both those sites get plenty of traffic, but very few click through to read the article here.


My wife continues to remind me that I have no idea who is being reached with my words. (Is there anybody out there?) And, I know down inside that is true.

Occasionally, when I get really low, someone will post a comment or a private message to tell me how they were helped by something I wrote.


I desperately want to be used of the Lord to minister His love and grace to His people. Blogging is one way I have found to do that.

I wish I could be in a Bible School or pastor a church where I could do that more regularly with some immediate gratification. (But, I am not ungrateful for any opportunities I DO receive.)


It seems, therefore, that I will complete the series with the Sermon on the Mount. After that, I think I will write about whatever shows up on the screen of my little pea-brain.

Sometimes I rant.

I often grouse.

Occasionally I critique.

Probably even criticize.

Interestingly enough, those types of articles are read and commented on.

But, the people who need to hear what is being said aren't anywhere around. What good is that?

I think I might try finding the good, and write about that.

At least I will be happy.
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