“Here’s What’s Standing Between You and

A closer walk with the Lord…”

If you want to know the ways of God rather than just His acts (Psa. 103:7),
then you need to read every word of this exciting letter, because it could change your life

Dear Christian Friend,

There comes a time in every believer’s life when he or she has to stand up and say, “enough is enough.” And that’s the day when you decide to change your life for the better by giving yourself wholeheartedly to the Lord to learn from Him and to know the truth.

I know what it’s like. Before I became familiar with the Bible, I spent a lot of time just thinking about it. I purchased a lot of books on the topic. I even attended workshops on How to Preach, and How to Study.

Problem was, I really wasn’t serious about actually getting into the Word. Oh sure, all the Bible Study manuals and guides stacking up on my bookshelf and hard drive made it look like I was serious. All the charges on my Visa bill made me look pretty serious. But I never took any serious action.

I dabbled. I did things like set aside time to specifically read from the Bible. And I even would just open my Bible and ask the Lord to guide me to what He wanted for me at that time. Yet I never got serious enough about it to commit myself to the Lord and His Word.

But then something happened that rocked me to my very core. And maybe you can relate to this…

One day it seemed like everything was fine. I was a husband, a father, a Bible teacher, and I was making a good living in my business. Then suddenly, without any warning whatsoever, my faith went south.

I can’t even begin to tell you how losing my faith shocked me. It really was the proverbial wake up call. Because suddenly I realized I had to know God—not just know about Him, or I was going to chuck it all overboard and just live for myself.

You can bet I got serious really quick. I stopped messing around. I stopped dabbling. And I started on a specific spiritual journey of learning. I needed to KNOW the Lord.

It wasn’t always easy. I quickly found out the learning curve is steep when you’re trying to come to know God through trial and error. I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time and money.

But I did it by the grace and power of God. In just a few years I went from just believing IN God to really KNOWING Him. When people ask me now, "Do you believe in God?" I tell them, "No. I KNOW God."
So believe me when I say I know what it’s like to doubt and to have questions. It wasn’t very long ago that I was struggling with doubt and not being sure of ANYTHING. But once I discovered the secret of knowing what the Bible teaches about a true relationship with the Father, nothing could stop me. And now you too can learn these same secrets, without all the trial and error…

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So let me ask you…

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Most systems assume that memorization is the fastest and surest way to fulfill
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Your servant and brother in the Lord, 

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